Hailing from the small southern New Mexico town known as Alamogordo, DJ Digumsmak has been a lover of music from as far back as he can remember.  Born in 1975 and raised during a time knows as the “MTV generation” he has a very wide range of musical influences.  From an early age he was hooked and has never been able to be without music.  In the late 80s/early 90s Digumsmak was introduced to hip hop by way of YO MTV RAPS.  Seeing the likes of De La Soul, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, ED O.G. and much more sparked a new love and interest.  He would rush home every day after school just to catch a daily dosage of either YO MTV RAPS or RAP CITY.  Digumsmak was a Hip Hop fiend!!  He had to have it by any means necessary.  Through collecting tapes, cds and records it was apparent that music wasn’t leaving his side anytime soon.  As time went on, natural progression led him to discover different ways he could be involved in music and hip hop.  Dj Digumsmak was first inspired by a local dj known as Dj Slomotion, who later became a well known personality and dj for Power 102 in El Paso Texas.  Digumsmak was amazed at how a dj could mix and blend records flawlessly without skipping a beat and keeping the music going!! 

So finally after collecting records for some time, Digumsmak finally was able to buy his first set of 1200’s in 1999.  Starting out with a Lineartech mixer the path was set and hasn’t stopped since! 

Being a member of The United States Air Force from 1994 to 2014, at times Digumsmak had to put his dj career on hold while being deployed to various locations around world.  Upon return he was always putting his mixing back to work at various venues around the Southern New Mexico/Texas and Arizona areas!!  In 2004, Dj Digumsmak along with Dj Nervous would do venue performances together under the duo name “2 Deejays Dat Sk8” 

Digumsmak has held residencies at various night spots around the area to include, Palmside Lounge, Jerrys Bar, Azul Ultra Lounge, El Patio Bar, The Rain Forest and more!  If he’s not spinning at an established venue he is staying busy with mobile gigs.  Always wanting to stay fresh and new, Dj Digumsmak started Video Djn in 2011 and has incorporated that into his mobile dj show.  Just recently Dj Digumsmak won The “Best Video Dj” award for 2017 from Grustle Hard Entertainment out of Atlanta Georgia.  

Currently you can hear Dj Digumsmak on the internet radio waves.  Wednesdays on All Star Djs Radio from 7pm est with The “90 Degrees” mixshow, which showcases 90s boom bap and hip hop classics!  Thursdays on UTRDJZ Radio from 2pm est with “The Proper Ingredients” mixshow, which showcases downtempo, chill and trip hop music.  Later on Thursdays at 10pm est he can also be heard on All Star Djs Radio with “The Smakdown” mixshow, which showcases underground hip hop.  Friday evenings from 10pm est with The “Zone Coastin” mixshow, which features Top 40, Dance, Remix and Open Format mixing. And finally on Saturdays from 7pm pst on Rhythm 105.9 fm in Sacramento California with The Mix Syndicate Mixshow. This show features Top 40, Dance, Mashups, Remix and Open Format mixing and Digumsmak also hosts this show with fellow Mix Syndicate Djs. 

Dj Digumsmak currently holds dj residencies at Club 49 inside of The Inn Of The Mountain Gods Hotel/Casino, where he plays an Open Format Video Dj Mixshow for visitors from around the world.  Also at Shenanigans Irish Pub on Holloman Air Force Base where he also plays an open format Video Dj Mixshow for military members from around the country.