DJ Big C started back in 1989 scratching a DJ Eddie B record on a Colortime all in one stereo. He officially became a DJ in 1992 when he bought 2 Gemini Belt drive turntables and mixer. Mostly doing small party’s. He stopped DJing for a minute. Then in 2011 he jumped back in the game as a Mixtape Dj creating a buzz and being asked to join different DJ crews. IN 2016 URDJZ was founded by Dj Big C from Dallas TX . A month later another four Djs were recruited DJ Latin G from Odessa TX, Tony Throwing Down from Chicago, Dj Tobenamedlater from Dallas and DJ Jaeson from El Paso. Also in November of 2016 he launched UTR RADIO which is a open format station. He has a show on HOT 106 (105.7 fm) in Gainsville Florida,BIG BOX Radio out of Chicago and has a show on UTR RADIO